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This version of the popular community driven Linux distribution can be run from Windows 10 or 11. It offers users a fully fledged command line experience.

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The Debian Project
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Windows 10

Debian is a Windows utility for running a custom Linux environment. Similar to Ubuntu, it leverages the WSL Hyper V technology for seamless integration with the operating system from Microsoft. Developers, network administrators and other professionals are able to unlock new possibilities on their Windows machines.

Getting started

It is necessary to enable WSL in the system settings before installing this Linux distribution. After that you can download and install the latest Debian version from the official Microsoft Store.

Users are prompted to set an account name and password on first startup. This functionality is intended for protecting sensitive information and system parameters from unauthorized access.

Main functions

You can install programming languages and IDEs to develop new software products. There is support for web servers such as Apache and Ngnix as well as for MySQL databases.

It is possible to manage remote servers and experiment with complex network configurations in a safe, isolated environment. Additionally, powerful automation tools like Bash, Ansible and Terraform are available.


  • free to download and use;
  • contains a Linux distribution that can be launched as a standard Windows app;
  • you can restrict access to the virtual environment by setting a personal password;
  • ideal for developing new apps and automating various tasks;
  • compatible with modern versions of Windows.
93,5 Mb (downloads: 1)
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