Windows 11

Windows 11

ver. 11
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This Microsoft OS offers an updated interface and widgets. Users can create multiple desktops and group running applications enhancing convenience during work.

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Microsoft Corporation
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Windows 11

Windows 11 is Microsoft’s newest operating system for PCs and laptops. This software features a redesigned interface for a cleaner look and better usability. Background task management has also been upgraded, resulting in improved performance and resource efficiency.

New Interface

Key innovations include changes in the appearance of windows, which now feature rounded corners, soft shadows, and transparency. Users have the flexibility to customize each of these parameters according to their preferences. Additionally, when working with multiple monitors, it’s possible to personalize each desktop for a tailored experience.

Instead of tiles, the Start menu now presents a list of installed applications and a search bar for local and online searches. Users have the flexibility to change the number and the visual of icons displayed. Additionally, in the new operating system, the Start menu is centered on the taskbar for easier access and navigation.

Windows 11 comes with the Segoe UI Variable font, which is optimized for smooth scaling on modern high-resolution displays.

Pre-installed system apps like Paint, Snipping Tool, and Media Player have received updates in Windows 11. Additionally, there’s a personalized widgets panel for easy access to commonly used features.

The new operating system will appeal to gamers due to its inclusion of DirectStorage. This technology transfers game content directly to the graphics card, bypassing the central processor, resulting in high data processing speeds and improved performance. Please note that a special NVMe SSD flash drive is required for this function to work.


To increase the operating system’s speed, the developers removed certain components and reduced update sizes by 40 percent. Tablets will feature automatic window rotation when users turn the device. Additionally, support for haptic feedback has been introduced to enhance interaction.

Requirements and Preparation

The operating system requires a processor with a minimum of two cores and a clock speed of at least one gigahertz. Additionally, the computer configuration must comprise a minimum of four gigabytes of RAM and a video adapter that supports DirectX 12.

You can verify if your computer meets the system requirements by utilizing the PC Health Check tool. If the hardware components are compatible, users can obtain the new operating system version at no cost. Alternatively, there’s the choice to independently install the OS by downloading an ISO image.


  • the latest OS version from Microsoft with an updated interface;
  • supports operating with multiple monitors;
  • allows you to group running applications;
  • OS updates are downloaded and installed in the background;
  • includes a built-in timer for the Pomodoro work system;
  • for easy communication Microsoft Teams is integrated;
4,9 Gb (downloads: 18)
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