ver. 1.4
994 Mb (downloads: 2)

This application allows you to create complete paintings from simple sketches. In addition, this graphic editor operates using artificial intelligence.

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NVIDIA Corporation
Windows version:
Windows 10

NVIDIA Canvas is a Windows application designed for transforming sketches and drafts into paintings. Unlike other graphic editors, this software utilizes artificial intelligence, resulting in a significantly faster process.


The program provides tools for drawing lines and basic geometric shapes. Users can choose from nine different styles to convey the desired atmosphere in their drawings. Additionally, they can add layers and apply various textures like wood or stone.

The application allows users to create sketches from scratch or utilize pre-made templates. It’s worth noting that the utility is still in development at the time of this review.


The standout feature of the program is its ability to convert rough sketches, composed of strokes and color patches, into fully formed paintings. This is achieved using artificial intelligence, specifically through generative adversarial network technology. The algorithm carefully analyzes the user’s input and translates it into a realistic image.

The neural network is designed to guarantee that each drawing is distinctive and free from remnants of past creations. Furthermore, users have the option to craft paintings emulating the styles of renowned artists. Once completed, users can export the final artwork to Photoshop.

The current version of the program is primarily tailored for landscape drawing. The neural network is adept at generating elements like skies, clouds, grass, mountains, snow, and other natural landscapes.


  • this utility is an AI graphic editor;
  • allows you to transform a sketch into a complete painting;
  • tools for drawing and creating shapes are available;
  • free to download and use;
  • compatible with modern Windows versions.
994 Mb (downloads: 2)
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