Epson Easy Interactive Tools

Epson Easy Interactive Tools

ver. 5.03
25,4 Mb (downloads: )

With the help of this handy utility, you can draw on projected images and capture the screen. There is an option to undo and redo operations, one at a time.

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Windows 7

Epson Easy Interactive Tools is a program developed specifically to work with Epson projectors. It allows users to annotate and control presentations, as well as collaborate with others in real time. It is commonly employed in educational and business environments.

Comprehensive toolbar

The toolbar is visible either on the projected image, in Annotation or Mouse mode, or on a blank surface, background image, or pattern, in Whiteboard mode. By using an interactive pen or your finger, you can draw, and then capture, save, or print your pages.

In Mouse mode, it is possible to interact with your desktop. You can perform such tasks as opening applications, accessing links, and operating scroll bars. The toolbar offers various functions, which may be accessed regardless of whether you are using a document camera.

Saving your files

To save your screen or pages as PDF, image, or interactive file in the default folder, you need to click on the corresponding icon. Please note that the utility will automatically give your item a name. There is also an option to select other target locations and formats. If you would like to print and scan documents using Epson devices, you may try another program called Epson Print and Scan.


  • free to download and use;
  • compatible with modern Windows versions;
  • enables you to annotate and control presentations;
  • you can switch between fullscreen and window display;
  • it is possible to draw with pens of various sizes and colors.
25,4 Mb (downloads: )
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