Cyber shot Viewer

Cyber shot Viewer

ver. 1.1
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This application allows you to conveniently perform various editing operations for photos and movies that have been taken with your camera on computer or laptop.

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Windows XP, Windows ME, Windows 2000

Cyber shot Viewer is a utility for Windows that allows users to import images and view them on the computer as well as to organize and edit them in calendar order. This program automatically detects the files when the camera is connected.

First steps

Before running the utility, users need to connect their camera to the computer with a USB cable. This is done so that the program can automatically detect and process the files on the memory card.


To start the process, you need to click the Import button in the corresponding window. After that the program will start automatically and the image icons are going to be displayed on the screen.

By default, the photos will be saved in the folder created under My Pictures, whose name corresponds to the date of import. You can choose to sort them by year, month or day.

Other functions

To be able to view images from the computer, you will need to add the folder where the images are located as viewed. This can be done by clicking the Add button and specifying the appropriate path.

For your convenience, you can change the folder for import under the Settings option in the File menu. If you find the program too difficult to use, it is possible to try HP Scan, another tool for editing photos.

In addition, there is a map view function. It allows you to check geo-location data in photos. To use this feature, you need a GPS module and an Internet connection.


  • full-screen display of the images;
  • free to download and use;
  • possibility to change the image registration information;
  • compatibility with modern Windows versions;
  • printing and sending files as e-mail attachments.
33,1 Mb (downloads: 3)
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