Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader

ver. 7.0.5
36,5 Mb (downloads: 3)

This software allows its users to work with files in PDF format. That is, they can, for example, view, print, edit, scan and convert this type of document.

Update date:
Adobe Systems
Windows version:
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10

Adobe Reader 7.0.5 is a PDF viewer for Windows that can open and interact with all types of this format content, including forms and multimedia. One account can be used on multiple computers or mobile devices.

How it works

The utility has very handy tools for viewing documents. Users can zoom in and out of the file, use the bookmark menu to quickly navigate through it, change the format of the sheet.

It is also possible to copy text or images from a PDF file and then use them in other programs, send them to another person or paste this data into a presentation.

Even if users access from another device, the document will be opened exactly where they last edited it. However, to prevent unauthorized access by outsiders, owners can add passwords and permissions.

Convert PDF

It is possible to save a PDF document as a file in another format. Saving to txt, Excel and Word is supported. This allows users to convert the sheet to open it in other programs.

Paid functions

Adobe Reader allows adding comments to the text of the document and applying stamps to pages. The appearance of the stamp and its content can be changed.

With this program it is also possible to scan an image from the scanner or computer and turn it into a sheet of a PDF document. Besides, users can edit the file by adding, deleting or modifying its content. And one more useful feature: reading the text with a voice. And voice to text recording is implemented in Microsoft Dictate.


  • free basic package;
  • compatible with modern versions of Windows;
  • clear navigation;
  • legally recognized electronic signatures;
  • cloud storage for documents.
36,5 Mb (downloads: 3)
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