Magic Recovery Professional

Magic Recovery Professional

ver. 3.5
4 Mb (downloads: 6)

The comprehensive tool gives users the means to restore deleted items on their computer. It is also possible to see technical characteristics of the system.

Update date:
Ondata International S.L.
Windows version:
Windows XP

Magic Recovery Professional is a program for Windows intended for recovering damaged or lost data from your hard drive and external storage devices. Another notable feature is the possibility to view detailed disk information.

Pleasant graphical interface

The installation is simple, as it does not prompt you to download any third-party products. After it is complete, you are greeted with a streamlined graphical interface. The layout holds a menu bar, various buttons and some panes to display a folder structure and a list of recovered files.

It is necessary to mention that access to Help contents is incorporated into the GUI as well. This means that you can quickly find information about the capabilities of the tool. As a consequence, you do not need to have prior experience with recovery software.

Recover data

The utility enables you to scan drives with the aid of a wizard. You can recover different kinds of items and view details. It is possible to see file system type, total size and bytes in a sector. There is also an option to explore characteristics of your PC like the number of processors, display resolution, OS version, etc.

Similar to Drive Rescue, the program has a search feature. With its help you can look up a specified cluster range. The results are listed in the main window along with general info. You may choose to sort items by name, size or format.


  • free to download and use;
  • compatible with modern Windows versions;
  • enables you to restore lost or corrupted data;
  • you can view detailed info about your computer;
  • there is an option to run a recovery wizard.
4 Mb (downloads: 6)
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