Elgato Camera Hub

Elgato Camera Hub

211 Mb (downloads: 144)

This program is intended for adjusting the webcam settings to get the best possible image quality. It is compatible with various models of Elgato devices.

Update date:
Corsair Memory, Inc.
Windows version:
Windows 10, Windows 11

Elgato Camera Hub is a Windows application for configuring Elgato streaming cameras. Users can manually tune the contrast, exposure, white balance and other image properties. Similar to Manycam, there are tools for zooming in and out.

Camera connection

After starting the software you are instructed to attach an Elgato camera to the computer via USB port. Supported devices such as Facecam, Facecam Pro and Cam Link 4K are detected automatically.

The main window contains the preview section and multiple sliders for adjusting the picture settings. Additionally, users can switch between several connected Elgato webcams.

Image parameters

You are able to tune the contrast, saturation and sharpness. There is an option to reset all sliders to their default positions.

A toggle for enabling automatic exposure is included. Users can change the shutter speed and compensation level. The white balance target temperature is customizable as well.

Instruments for reducing the noise and removing the flicker effect are provided. These options are helpful for improving the output video quality even further.


  • free to download and use;
  • provides tools for configuring various models of Elgato streaming cameras;
  • you can enable automatic exposure;
  • it is possible to tune the contrast, sharpness and white balance;
  • allows users to reduce the noise and eliminate the flicker effect;
  • compatible with modern versions of Windows.
211 Mb (downloads: 144)
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