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This application helps car mechanics configure various internal modules in BMW vehicles to unlock hidden features and personalize the driving experience.

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Windows XP

BMWAiCoder is a Windows software that acts as an intermediary between a BMW car computer system and a coding device, allowing you to modify specific settings and activate functions disabled by default. Please note that BMWAiCoder is discontinued and no longer supported by the developer. The installation files are not available.

Vehicle coding

After starting the utility users can select the correct vehicle model and electronic unit to edit. It is possible to modify a wide variety of internal parameters, from lighting preferences and instrument cluster displays to comfort features like automatic windows and rain sensors. The availability of individual settings depends on the car type and release year.

Like in BMW Standard Tools, you are able to tailor modern BMW vehicles to custom specifications, enhancing comfort, convenience and even engine performance. Moreover, some capabilities are locked by default and can be easily activated for a higher degree of control over the car.

Safety considerations

BMWAiCoder prioritizes driver protection by highlighting potential risks associated with certain coding options and provides clear instructions to minimize them. While configuring vehicle computers manually is more cost effective compared to visiting an authorized dealer, it may void the official warranty and irreversibly damage internal components.


  • free to download and use;
  • helps car mechanics interact with internal electronic modules in BMW cars;
  • it is possible to unlock hidden functions and personalize the driving experience;
  • users can configure lighting parameters and rain sensors;
  • compatible with all modern versions of Windows.
852 Mb (downloads: 15)
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