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With the help of this utility you can quickly compress images, video clips, text documents and any other kind of files into ZIP archives to save disk space.

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Windows XP

ZIPMagic is a Windows software for working with compressed data. Users are able to create new archives and extract information from existing packages. There is support for several advanced processing algorithms to reduce the size of resulting files.

Compression instructions

You can create ZIP archives by selecting source items in Windows Explorer and choosing the corresponding option in the context menu. It is possible to adjust the compression level and change the output package format.

An option to split the resulting file into multiple pieces with predefined size is provided. This is helpful for sending large amounts of data via email. Similar to ZArchiver, the program lets users protect sensitive information in an archive with a password.


There are instruments for extracting files from existing ZIP, RAR, ZIPX and 7Z packages. Moreover, you are able to browse archives like standard folders.

ZIPMagic fully supports modern CPUs, taking advantage of their multicore architecture to improve compression and extraction times. Integrated processing algorithms allow users to save the maximum amount of disk space by significantly reducing the size of input files.


  • contains tools for generating compressed archives;
  • it is possible to extract information from previously created ZIP and RAR packages;
  • free to download and use;
  • there is support for multicore processors;
  • compatible with all modern versions of Windows.
29,4 Mb (downloads: 3)
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