XP Quick Fix

XP Quick Fix

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This free software is designed to quickly and easily fix issues in the Windows XP operating system that have arisen as a result of viruses or human error.

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LeeLu Soft
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Windows XP

XP Quick Fix is a lightweight application for Windows that lets you manage most of the problems with the operating system. It allows you to resolve many issues with a single mouse click.


This utility can be helpful for users who have their XP operating system’s functionality affected by third-party applications. In such cases, it may be difficult to restore the default settings. The described software is designed to facilitate the resolution of such problems. If various factors have led to corrupted or outdated files on your computer, the Driver Detective tool can help you upgrade them.


The application is compact and its interface is clear and simple. You just need to select the appropriate option and activate it. The program interacts directly with the Control Panel and its registry. If you are not sure which solution is the most suitable, you just have to hover your mouse over each item and read the description.

You can use the utility to launch Task Manager or the RAM driver interface if they have been disabled by unwanted third-party software.

There is also an option to restore access to System Recovery or Hardware Manager. This allows you to return your Windows to normal operation in case of a virus attack.


  • free to download and use;
  • compatible with Windows;
  • the program allows you to display CD or DVD drives in My Computer;
  • provides a quick solution to the most common problems;
  • the interface is simple and minimalistic.
0,5 Mb (downloads: 9)
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