ver. 1.0
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This social media platform and microblogging service lets you post short messages called tweets. It is widely used to share news, opinions and personal thoughts.

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X Development LLC
Windows version:
Windows XP

X is a Windows online service for posting text messages, images, video clips and GIF animations. It is worth mentioning that the platform was formerly known as Twitter.

Main functionality

After registering an account on the official website users can start to create new posts. The maximum message length is 280 characters. Instruments for liking and sharing tweets of other people are provided.

You are able to attach photos, videos and GIFs to any message. This is helpful for sharing news and advertising products. Additionally, it is possible to add custom hashtags to individual posts to make them easily discoverable. Other accounts may be tagged in a tweet as well, which sends them a notification.

Direct messaging

Users can communicate with other people privately. There are tools for blocking spam and preventing unknown accounts from sending DMs. Moreover, an option to report harassment attempts and other unlawful activity is included.


This section of the website contains the most popular discussion topics at any given time. You are able to view local and global trends based on hashtags, keywords or specific events.


  • free to download and use;
  • allows you to post short text messages, photos and video clips online;
  • there are instruments for liking and sharing tweets from other accounts;
  • users can exchange direct messages;
  • it is possible to view the list of currently popular discussion topics;
  • compatible with all modern versions of Windows.
(downloads: 2)
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