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Thanks to this program, users can compress and extract files. Moreover, it is possible to see detailed information about changes made to the resulting archive. 

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Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

WinZip is a Windows utility for compression, extraction and backup. It gives you all the necessary tools for handling archives.


In contrast to specialized tools like UHARC, this application features a streamlined and convenient interface. Users can easily access various functions by utilizing the upper toolbar. The program illustrates each instrument with an intuitive icon and classifies them into separate categories according to the purpose they serve.

The main workspace displays files that are about to undergo extraction or archiving and corresponding information such as name, type, size, path and more.


With this software you are able to heavily reduce the size of the files. You can choose from a wide range of compression methods which include maximum, enhanced deflate and super fast options. Moreover, the utility supports most archive formats used today.

The overall process is very fast but the program utilizes a considerable amount of system resources. After the archiving procedure is completed, a post-process screen is displayed with helpful info regarding before and after changes that were made, including the size.

Sharing files

You have an option to add items and share them with your friends or business associates via your preferred email account, social networks or your personal cloud service. Additional tools help you to automatically resize images to diverse preset resolutions.


  • free to download and use;
  • gives you the ability to utilize more than 17 compression formats;
  • you are able to share files online;
  • compatible with modern Windows versions;
  • users can buy the full edition to access more functions.
1 Mb (downloads: 9)
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