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Thanks to this tool you can connect, view and use the display of another computer. It comes with many advanced options like the ability to encrypt communication.

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UltraVNC Team

UltraVNC is a Windows application that allows you to control another computer remotely using your mouse and keyboard. It provides many customization options for fine tuning the experience.

How it works

The tool functions similarly to other remote access programs. It is necessary to have the server installed on the client computer and the viewer on the host PC. Users need to type in the correct IP address and the port number to connect.


After the setup, you can view and use the screen of another computer remotely. The application will track your cursor as well as the keyboard input. It is possible to configure the display resolution and pick from a variety of encoders.

The utility also has many advanced features like the ability to toggle DSM encryption to safeguard the communication between client and server. To further improve your security, you can use Touch VPN.

Special functions

Users can right-click the connection window during a remote viewing and access advanced options. There, they can save the information about the current session to a VNC file, so later on they would be able to open it and connect to the same computer. The amount of shortcut executables are not limited. Moreover, it is possible to join the server via browser.


  • free to download and use;
  • compatible with modern Windows versions;
  • multiple language support;
  • ability to use encryption protocols;
  • compatible with older versions of the software.
5,10 Mb (downloads: 1)
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