Ultra Fractal

Ultra Fractal

ver. 6.5
10,1 Mb (downloads: 2)

Using this advanced piece of software, you can generate different fractal images on PC. You also have the option to import custom mathematical formulas.

Update date:
Frederik Slijkerman
Windows version:
Windows Vista

Ultra Fractal is a special program for Windows which focuses on a mathematical foundation and robust algorithms. Basically, it empowers users to generate digital images and animations derived from various iterations of the Mandelbrot set.

First impressions

Similar to Mandelbulber, the software has a considerable number of features. It begins with a basic depiction of the Mandelbrot set, allowing for infinite zoom into any region. There are color management capabilities, along with a side panel containing various tools and general options. Additionally, a progress bar facilitates the creation of animations by defining each frame.

External resources and animations

It is important to highlight the robust file support for both importing and exporting. It accommodates a variety of formats, including images, parameters, gradients, transformations, formulas, and more. When it comes to export, the process is relatively straightforward, offering options for saving pictures and videos.

As previously mentioned, the application enables you to generate animations. However, these do not involve characters, interactions, or sounds. The visual impact relies solely on color, providing a psychedelic experience as it continuously zooms in or out of the set.


  • free to download and use;
  • compatible with modern Windows versions;
  • allows you to generate various fractal images;
  • you can create and save psychedelic animations;
  • there is support for loading mathematical formulas.
10,1 Mb (downloads: 2)
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