TurningPoint 2008

TurningPoint 2008

72,1 Mb (downloads: 2)

Thanks to this handy utility, users can design dynamic polling slides on their computer. In addition, there is support for creation of multiple participant lists.

Update date:
Turning Technologies, LLC.
Windows version:
Windows XP

TurningPoint 2008 is a program for Windows specifically designed to integrate with PowerPoint. Its main purpose is to transform ordinary presentations into interactive sessions, allowing for comprehension checks, quizzes, and engaging games.

Interactive polling presentations

There are two methods of creating a project. First of all, you can convert existing PowerPoint slides. The other option presupposes making a presentation from scratch. Please note that you can have a maximum of ten responses for your audience to choose from.

The addon provides a range of additional features that can be incorporated into your slides, including countdown timers, response counters, and correct answer indicators. You can easily insert these elements via the corresponding icon on the toolbar.

Lists of respondents

Participant Lists serve to identify individuals in the audience, be they students, trainees, or survey respondents, who use a response device throughout the presentation. All names and necessary details are stored in conjunction with the Device ID.

You may create multiple lists to be used with one interactive presentation. This feature enables the utilization of a single project with various audiences while tracking session results separately for each group. There is also an option to poll participants anonymously.


  • free to download and use;
  • compatible with modern Windows versions;
  • gives you the means to design interactive slides;
  • you can add response counters and answer indicators;
  • it is possible to create multiple participant lists.
72,1 Mb (downloads: 2)
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