TRW Design Wizard

TRW Design Wizard

ver. 4.0
(downloads: 5)

This comprehensive application allows you to create designs for products. There is support for making detailed pricing sheets for internal and customer use.

Update date:
The Rhinestone World
Windows version:
Windows Vista

TRW Design Wizard is a program for Windows developed to aid users in operating custom apparel and decal businesses. It serves as a powerful alternative to CorelDRAW, a popular graphic design software in the industry.

General notes

The application encompasses capabilities such as crafting personalized mockups, editing contoured texts, adjusting and generating envelopes, and more. The product is available on a paid basis. However, you may also access a 30 day trial version or opt for an upgrade from the previous iteration.

Usage is quite straightforward and you can take advantage of numerous features for creating high quality designs. The program is tailored for businesses that use heat transfer vinyl, rhinestones, screen printing, engraving, embroidery, and other techniques.

Powerful features

When it comes to main tools there is a Mock Up Creator, Text Effects, and a Cost Calculator. Thus, you can upload your own images to make color changing mockups of products. It is also possible to add and edit contours, include and remove effects, as well as save the custom envelopes.

The Cost Calculator feature empowers you to incorporate your vinyl colors and price them accordingly via the dedicated wizard. This enables precise cost calculations for projects involving HTV, sign vinyl, rhinestones, etc.


  • free to download and use;
  • compatible with modern Windows versions;
  • enables you to create custom product mockups;
  • you can edit contoured texts and tweak envelopes;
  • there is an option to calculate costs for projects.
(downloads: 5)
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