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This utility helps you study various versions of the Bible and related commentaries from known religious scholars to broaden the understanding of the Holy Scripture.

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StudyLamp Software LLC
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Windows 8

SwordSearcher is a Windows program for exploring the Bible. It allows users to quickly jump to any passage and look up definitions for unfamiliar terms in the integrated dictionary. Please note that the free version of SwordSearcher contains only the classic King James version of the holy book in English.

Bible study

The main window is split in four sections by default: Bible text, dictionary, commentaries and search results. You can navigate to different chapters via the drop down menu. Additionally, it is possible to display related verses, highlight individual phrases and look up word definitions.

Similar to Bible Explorer, the embedded search engine lets users search for specific sections of the Bible. Results can be copied to the system clipboard for further processing in another app.

Advanced analysis

You are able to generate charts and diagrams, tracking individual word usage in the holy text. This is helpful for uncovering deeper themes within the Bible. Additionally, there are tools for exporting personal notes and sharing resulting text documents with other researchers.


  • free to download and use;
  • allows you to explore and study the digital version of the Bible;
  • there are additional religious books and commentaries written by renowned scholars;
  • users can look up definitions of unknown words in the built in dictionary;
  • it is possible to highlight specific verses and create personal notes;
  • compatible with modern versions of Windows.
60,0 Mb (downloads: 11)
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