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This cloud storage platform lets users upload personal files to a remote server. It is possible to synchronize images and documents across multiple devices.

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KeepItSafe, Inc.
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Windows 7

SugarSync is a Windows online service for storing data in the cloud. Tools for configuring regular automatic backups of important information are available. Additionally, you can restore previous versions of specific files. Please note that SugarSync is a paid platform. There is no free trial version.

Cloud storage

After registering an account and choosing one of the provided subscription plans users are able to start copying data to a personal folder on the remote server. It is possible to upload photos, text documents, video clips, audio tracks, archives and any other type of files.

There is support for automatic data synchronization between devices. You can link several computers to the account to ensure that all files are always available on every machine.

Similar to Dropbox, tools for scheduling regular backups to the cloud are included. Users are able to safeguard important data and restore it in case of file corruption or hardware failure.


All personal information stored on the remote server is automatically protected with modern encryption algorithms. Moreover, you can enable two factor authentication to further secure the account and prevent unauthorized access to sensitive files.


  • requires a license to download and use;
  • allows you to store personal pictures, documents and other files on a remote cloud server;
  • it is possible to automatically synchronize data across several computers;
  • there are instruments for configuring regular backups;
  • compatible with modern versions of Windows.
15,4 Mb (downloads: 1)
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