SmartKey PDF Password Recovery

SmartKey PDF Password Recovery

ver. 8.0
6,5 Mb (downloads: )

Using this tool you can decrypt password protected PDF documents, gaining access to their contents. There is support for GPU acceleration to speed up the process.

Update date:
Tenorshare Co., Ltd.
Windows version:
Windows 7

SmartKey PDF Password Recovery is a Windows utility that allows users to recover lost or forgotten passwords for encrypted PDF files. Several attack methods are available. It is worth mentioning that the free trial version of SmartKey PDF Password Recovery has limited capabilities.

Password restoration

After starting the program you can click the Add button to import the source PDF document. The type of protection and algorithm complexity level will be displayed at the top of the main window.

Like in Advanced PDF Password Recovery, it is possible to find the password by brute forcing all possible combinations. This method takes up a lot of time. Additionally, users are able to specify the minimum and maximum keyphrase length. There are tools for excluding specific character sets like numbers or special symbols to further speed up the operation.

You can quickly decrypt the document by trying out passwords from a custom dictionary. Instruments for adding and removing individual entries from the database are provided.

GPU acceleration

There is a checkbox for adding the power of a discrete graphics card to the decryption process. This helps users reduce the overall password recovery time thanks to modern GPU hardware.


  • intended for restoring access to password protected PDF documents;
  • free to download and use;
  • you can apply various decryption methods to determine the correct keyphrase;
  • it is possible to enable GPU acceleration to speed up the process;
  • compatible with modern versions of Windows.
6,5 Mb (downloads: )
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