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This desktop program allows you to connect your computer or laptop to a car to read data on speed and route. The application can be used in racing games.

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RealDash is a software for Windows devices that displays speed, route, and trip duration of your vehicle. In order to access mentioned features, you have to connect your laptop or computer to the car’s electronic control unit.

Installation and Connection

In order to install this software, you have to use your Microsoft account. It is possible to connect via USB cable, Bluetooth, and WiFi network. Additionally, the data exchange is carried out using the RealDash CAN protocol.

This application also offers you to customize the dashboard in racing simulators. RealDash is compatible with PC and Xbox.

Dashboard Setup

After launching the program and connecting the computer to the car interface, it is possible to configure the data displayed on the screen. To do so, please navigate to the “Garage” section to set vehicle parameters. Next step is selecting the units of measurement for speed and distance in the settings.

There is an option to choose layout and display templates for the dashboard gauges in the Gallery section. Both paid and free design options are available.


It is possible to measure trip parameters by going to the Dyno Stand section. RealDash collects data on torque, engine power, maximum and average speed as well as maps of the travel route.

There is an audible alert when certain parameters reach a critical level. Users can set notifications for low fuel, reduced tire pressure, or engine issues.

In case you are looking for the software that allows you to perform diagnostics of your automobile, please consider learning more about Licznik.


  • this utility can measure car speed and determine its location on the map;
  • can be used in both real trips and racing simulators;
  • there are multiple dashboard design templates;
  • requires a computer or laptop connection to the car’s control unit;
  • free to download and use;
  • compatible with modern Windows versions.
43,7 Mb (downloads: 89)
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