Oracle Database

Oracle Database

ver. 19.3
2,9 Gb (downloads: )

With this utility you can set up an information system for your business. It handles large amounts of data as well as interacts with third-party applications.

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Windows version:
Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10

Oracle Database is a relational database management system for Windows which helps users to manage large amounts of information and applications.

How it operates

The program uses enterprise grid computing to create large pools of modular storage and servers. This type of architecture allows for quick redistribution of resources for making new systems from the large list of available components.

Installation and use

During the installation process, you are able to allocate memory, select purpose configuration and a management method. To increase the security of operation you can choose or create a Windows User account and encrypt it with a password. In case it is lost, you may try NTPWEdit or other available tools.

Users can utilize SQL as a query language to interact with the database contents. It is possible to import data from third-party applications.


You can quickly recover lost information from almost all types of failures as well as access parts of it while the restoration process is still running.

The system provides mechanisms to control data access and usage. Company owners or executive officers edit users’ actions to prevent unauthorized access to delicate information.


  • free to use;
  • supports SQL;
  • high performance ability;
  • need additional tools to access interface;
  • features multi-language support;
  • requires registration to download;
  • compatible with modern Windows versions.
2,9 Gb (downloads: )
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