Oberon Calendar Wizard

Oberon Calendar Wizard

ver. 4.2
1,8 Mb (downloads: )

This CorelDRAW extension offers you instruments for generating calendar layouts for any year. There is a collection of over 30 predesigned grid options.

Update date:
Alex Vakulenko
Windows version:
Windows XP

Oberon Calendar Wizard is a Windows plugin for the popular CorelDRAW graphics editor. It lets users quickly create calendar grids with customizable fonts, colors, backgrounds and holidays. Please note that Oberon Calendar Wizard is obsolete and no longer supported by the developer. The installation files are not available.

Calendar design

You can choose one of the provided layouts, ranging from traditional monthly styles to unique spiral, lunar and artistic options. Additionally, it is possible to fine tune over 500 visual aspects of the calendar to personalize the project.

There are themed clipart libraries for matching the calendar to holidays, seasons or special occasions. Users are able to add playful Christmas motives or elegant floral patterns to any page.

Advanced capabilities

The addon allows you to adjust the start day for the week. Moreover, tools for generating multi year calendars are available. Personal color coded event markers and text descriptions can be inserted into the layout as well.

Supported output formats include PDF and JPG. The size and orientation of the page are customizable.


  • free to download and use;
  • provides a plugin for the CorelDRAW graphics editor;
  • lets you generate customizable calendar layouts;
  • there is a library of pre designed templates;
  • it is possible to change the start day for the week and adjust year ranges;
  • compatible with all modern versions of Windows.
1,8 Mb (downloads: )
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