Nerve Express

Nerve Express

ver. 4.3
21,5 Mb (downloads: 1)

With the assistance of this healthcare utility, you can perform various ANS analyses. Moreover, you have the option to calculate physical fitness levels.

Update date:
Heart Rhythm Instruments, Inc.
Windows version:
Windows XP

Nerve Express is a program for Windows which functions as a fully automated, non-intrusive computerized solution for the quantitative evaluation of the Autonomic Nervous System. It also facilitates the determination of the Fitness Score.


The algorithms employed by the application have undergone rigorous development and testing over a span of more than twenty five years. The research involved extensive studies with over twenty thousand patients. There are several tests intended for the assessment of the Autonomic Nervous System. To analyze heart rate variability, you may use a tool called Kubios HRV.


The software stands as the pioneering and exclusive solution addressing the challenge of quantifying the Sympathetic Nervous System and Parasympathetic Nervous System. This is done through the innovative method of Clusterization. Therefore, it is possible to elucidate the relationship between SNS and PSNS statuses.

Fitness analysis

What is more, the program incorporates a distinctive approach to Fitness Score evaluation. It offers assessments over three to four minutes via straightforward Orthostatic intervention. This method identifies ninety one levels, each corresponding to specific physiological states. These are determined by two key parameters, such as Adaptability and Functional Capacity.


  • free to download and use;
  • compatible with modern Windows versions;
  • allows you to perform comprehensive ANS evaluations;
  • you can examine the relationship between SNS and PSNS;
  • it is possible to calculate physical fitness levels.
21,5 Mb (downloads: 1)
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