MSN Hacker

MSN Hacker

ver. 3.0
0,1 Mb (downloads: 5)

This application is designed to help users recover their passwords for accounts they are connected to if this data has been forgotten or lost for other reasons.

Update date:
Microsoft Network
Windows version:
Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows NT

MSN Hacker is a program for Windows, designed to search and recover email authorization codes. It allows users to restore access to MSN, Windows Live or Hotmail accounts if passwords are stored on the computer.

What is it used for

It is helpful if you have forgotten the password for their email and the associated Windows Live Messenger account. The utility does not require installation and can be used right after downloading the file.

How it looks like

The interface of the utility is minimalistic and consists of an email address bar, a password strength indicator, a results box and 3 buttons:

  • Search Method;
  • About;
  • and Exit.

The program does not have a full-screen mode. The first button lets you choose between 3 options – Search Only, Search and Delete, and Search and Export. If users select the first feature, the results will be displayed in the corresponding window.

If there is no Windows Live Messenger account connected to the specified e-mail, the program will display an error message: “ERROR: e-mail address could not be found”.

Other options allow users to remove the password or export the data. Those who like an ascetic design with only really useful functions may also appreciate the APPID Patch.

Credentials and responsibilities

The About option informs users that the software was developed for Windows in 2011 and that the responsibility for malversion of the software lies entirely with them.


  • free to use;
  • minimalist design;
  • exporting data for secure storage;
  • possibility to delete entries for safety purposes;
  • compatible with modern Windows versions;
  • multiple accounts;
  • allows users to search, decrypt, recover and reset passwords.
0,1 Mb (downloads: 5)
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