Mitchell OnDemand

Mitchell OnDemand

352 Mb (downloads: 841)

The program contains a large amount of information that is useful for fixing cars manufactured in the USA and Canada. There are sections with sets of nodes and standard working hours.

Update date:
Mitchell Repair Information Company, LLC
Windows version:
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

Mitchell OnDemand – a Windows application that provides a set of instructions for car repair. The utility is helpful for the employers at garages and motorway service stations. With this app users can learn about a set of nodes and various models of vehicles. It is possible to get information about the exact time that is necessary to perform an operation.


First, users have to select the year of manufacture, company and vehicle model. There are instructions for the following brands:

  • Acura;
  • Mitsubishi;
  • Cadillac;
  • Chevrolet;
  • Land Rover;
  • Lexus;
  • Saab;
  • Volkswagen;
  • Subaru.

It is possible to learn about schemes of electronic components. There is a list of nodes and car systems on the right side of the menu for navigation.

Repair and service

Users can access instructions on how to perform replacements. Moreover it is possible to learn about maintenance and repair operations. It is worth noting, all the studies are available only in English.

Thanks to Mitchell OnDemand, employees at service centers can calculate how much time is needed to fix the car. The utility includes information on how many hours are required to perform a certain operation.


  • the application is free to download and use;
  • similarly to MotorData, this utility provides a full instruction on car repair;
  • it is possible to find out about set of nodes and various vehicle components;
  • the instructions are only suitable for the cars produced in the USA and Canada;
  • program is compatible with current Windows versions.
352 Mb (downloads: 841)
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