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This collection of audio plugins for the professional FLUX music processing software can help you modify songs by applying various filters and effects.

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Windows 10, Windows 11

IRCAM Tools is a Windows software that lets users install multiple add-ons to the FLUX audio editor. Available modules include IRCAM Verb, HEar, Verb Session and three versions of the Trax plugin.


After setting up the FLUX Center application you can select required add-ons in the included browser. It is necessary to register an account on the official website to activate the 30-day trial license. A paid subscription is required for using the plugins after the evaluation period.

Main functionality

The IRCAM Verb extension contains reverberation and spatialization engines for simulating room acoustics. There is support for the Quad and Ambisonics sound processing technologies. It is easy to generate realistic audio environments.

Users can accurately reproduce a full surround mix sound stage with up to 16 channels on a pair of conventional stereo headphones. This functionality is based on the popular Dolby Atmos engine.

Similar to AV Music Morpher Gold, there is a Session Reverb module for controlling the gain and adjusting separate frequencies during the processing. It is possible to manually tune the reverberation effect duration as well.


  • free to download and use;
  • allows you to apply various sound filters and effects to songs in the FLUX audio editor;
  • includes a module for reproducing the full surround sound stage on stereo devices;
  • it is possible to manually adjust gain and reverb;
  • compatible with modern versions of Windows.
124 Mb (downloads: 31)
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