hibernate annotations 3 2 0 ga jar

hibernate annotations 3 2 0 ga jar

ver. 3.2.0
0,3 Mb (downloads: )

This development utility lets you map Java classes to database tables using annotations. There are tools for managing transactions and handling concurrency issues.

Update date:
Red Hat, Inc.
Windows version:
Windows XP

hibernate annotations 3 2 0 ga jar is a Windows Java library that contains multiple advanced class mapping techniques. It is a part of the Hibernate framework.

Main functionality

With the help of the application users can manually map various Java classes to local or remote databases. There is a set of custom annotations such as Entity, Table, Id, GeneratedValue and Column for defining internal relationships between individual items.

You are able to create complex object hierarchies and integrate them into database tables. Composite primary keys can be used to map entities as well. Moreover, there is support for data inheritance.

Other details

This program is built on top of the Hibernate Core framework, which provides instruments for object/relational persistence in Java applications. Developers can integrate other modules such as Hibernate Query Language and HCQ into the workflow as well.

The latest version of Hibernate Annotations offers users multiple performance improvements and code optimizations over previous editions. It is fully compatible with other JRA compliant frameworks.


  • free to download and use;
  • contains a library for developing Java applications;
  • allows you to map custom classes to database tables using annotations;
  • it is possible to manually define relationships between individual objects;
  • compatible with all modern versions of Windows;
  • users can create complex object hierarchies.
0,3 Mb (downloads: )
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