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The software solution allows you to automate functions of computers and other devices. There is support for receiving notifications through email messages.

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Promixis LLC
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Windows XP

Girder is a versatile program for Windows designed to meet a wide range of automation requirements. Whether you need to remotely control industrial, commercial, or other applications, the distribution provides you with corresponding features.

Control multimedia devices

The utility offers a solution that extends beyond home theater automation or PC based media players. It can also be used for business apps, IT tasks, etc. The online library is a valuable resource which delivers access to a vast array of plugins, preset actions, and support for third party hardware and software.

When it comes to home theater experience, the tool facilitates seamless control over both Windows programs and devices such as sound cards, projectors, and receivers. It acts as the behind the scenes interface, giving you comprehensive means to enhance your multimedia experience.

Plugins and easy actions

Using this software, you can automate tasks, both ongoing or scheduled. With its extensive library of plugins, you are able to gain control over a considerable number of functions in your daily activities. To create automation bots for business tasks, you may also try a utility called Automation Anywhere.

The tool includes notifications for status updates and error reporting. These can be sent by email and many other methods. The program operates entirely within an intuitive graphical interface. This makes it easy to perform actions through a simple drag and drop process. Please note that the project is no longer supported.


  • free to download and use;
  • compatible with modern Windows versions;
  • gives you the means to remotely control computers;
  • you can automate actions of various hardware;
  • there is an option to receive alerts by email.
9,2 Mb (downloads: 4)
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