ver. 2.1.4 DX
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The software solution was designed to help users set up an additional layer of protection to their PC. It is possible to manage a database of authorized accounts. 

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Recognix Technologies
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Windows XP

FaceCode is an advanced program for Windows that relies on facial recognition technology in order to grant access to your personal computer. Basically, it analyzes the video signal from the webcam and compares it to the image it has assigned to the profile in its database. If the results do not match, unauthorized users will not be able to access the machine.


When you first launch the application, it gives you access to a video-capture device detection wizard. It is possible to connect a considerable number of products, including camcorders attached via USB or FireWire. There is also support for webcam resolution and capture format. If you want to protect your personal files from unauthorized access, you may try such tools as Kruptos 2 or Folder Lock.


After the utility has configured itself with your recording device, you need to add the administrator’s face to the database. Theoretically, you can enroll an unlimited number of users, however each one has to be linked to a pre-existing Windows account. Once you fill in the correct password for your username, you are guided through facial enrollment.

During the procedure, the program takes eight mugshots and performs algorithmic analysis on them. Then, you are able to exclude any aberrant images. After you have enrolled your first user, you will need to reboot to enable FaceCode Windows login. You have the option to leave this as the only security measure, or add an additional password for extra level of protection.


  • free to download and use;
  • compatible with modern Windows versions;
  • allows you to set up facial recognition security;
  • it is possible to create multiple accounts;
  • you can add a text password.
19,2 Mb (downloads: 3)
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