Exchanger XML Lite

Exchanger XML Lite

ver. 3.3
(downloads: 6)

With the help of this Java based application users can create, view, modify and convert XML documents. There is a library of standard attributes and other elements.

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Windows XP

Exchanger XML Lite is a Windows tool for working with XML files. It requires Java Runtime Environment for the correct functioning of all features. Supported document formats include HTM, SVG, FOP and MOD.

Editing tools

The program allows you to import information from Excel spreadsheets, text files and MySQL databases. There is a comprehensive XSLT debugger for detecting and resolving potential code issues.

Users can integrate DTD, RelaxNG and XML Schema components into the document. Moreover, it is possible to add XPath, XQuery, SOAP and WSDL elements to the project.

The overall design is logically structured. There is a tree view that lets you quickly navigate through project contents. Additionally, an editable preview section to manage all lines of code is included.

Please note that Exchanger XML Lite is discontinued and no longer supported by the developer. The installation files are not available.

Advanced capabilities

Tools for automatically validating internal document structure are provided. Users can transform XML files as well as apply custom layout schemes. There is an option to digitally sign resulting packages for enhanced security.


  • free to download and use;
  • offers you instruments for interacting with XML documents in several common formats;
  • there is a powerful debugger for identifying and fixing various code errors;
  • users can insert a wide range of standard components into the project;
  • it is possible to digitally sign resulting XML files;
  • compatible with all modern versions of Windows.
(downloads: 6)
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