Color Planner

Color Planner

ver. 4.3
70,8 Mb (downloads: 1)

With the help of this tool interior designers can plan the color scheme for a house, office or any other space. There is a selection of pre rendered rooms.

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Windows version:
Windows XP

Color Planner is a Windows software for choosing the right colors for any interior. You are able to upload custom photos or choose from a catalog of premade scenes like living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms. Please note that the latest version of Adobe AIR is necessary for the correct functioning of all features.

Palette matching

After configuring the virtual environment according to personal preferences users can experiment with different options to pick the most appropriate hues. It is possible to click on walls, furniture and decorations to apply a rainbow of paint colors in real time. This functionality is intended for aesthetically matching individual items and surfaces with each other.

You are able to build custom schemes or browse curated palettes, featuring trendy combinations and timeless classics. Specific colors can be saved to a separate list for future use.

Lighting and textures

There are tools for simulating natural and artificial lighting conditions to see how the chosen colors come alive throughout the day. Moreover, users can choose from a variety of material textures like paint, brick, tile and wood to achieve a more realistic look of any surface.


  • free to download and use;
  • allows interior designers to plan color palettes for their projects;
  • there is a collection of predefined room layouts;
  • you can simulate natural or artificial lighting and apply custom textures to surfaces;
  • compatible with all modern versions of Windows.
70,8 Mb (downloads: 1)
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