ver. 5.2.9
2,0 Gb (downloads: 3)

This specialized utility allows professional dentists to design custom crowns, inlays, veneers and implant bridges according to specific patient requirements.

Update date:
Dentsply Sirona
Windows version:
Windows 10

CEREC is a Windows software oriented toward dental technicians. It provides tools for capturing precise intraoral scans and creating detailed crown models. Please note that CEREC is distributed on a commercial basis. There is no free trial version.


After starting the application you can add existing CBCT scans or capture data with compatible medical equipment. Imported information is used for comprehensive treatment planning.

Similar to inLab, there are powerful 3D editing instruments for building intricate models of veneers, crowns, onlays and implants. Additionally, the included Biojaw AI algorithm optimizes restoration proposals based on statistical data, streamlining the design process.

Milling options

Users are able to choose from a wide variety of biocompatible and high performance materials like Cerec Zirconia, IPS and lithium disilicate for long lasting repairs. The program seamlessly integrates with Dentsply Sirona milling units such as Omnicam for in house fabrication of dental implants. Moreover, the underlying open architecture provides compatibility with various third party machines.


  • requires a license to download and use;
  • contains tools for designing crowns, veneers and other types of dental implants;
  • you can automatically optimize restoration proposals by applying modern AI algorithms;
  • it is possible to send resulting 3D models to supported milling machines;
  • compatible with modern versions of Windows.
2,0 Gb (downloads: 3)
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