ver. 1.1.7
28,4 Mb (downloads: 13995)

With this tool users are able to connect to and control machining tools through G-code input mappable to keyboard keys. It is available in many languages.

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Windows version:
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10

Candle is an open-source Window utility which works as a GRBL controller. The firmware allows you to control the 3-axis movement of cnc machines. It is a good choice for furniture manufacturers who do laser cutting or milling with tools that run on Arduino Uno.


The installation is not required. Users only need to unpack the files and launch the executable. To start working, it is necessary to connect to the CNC router via USB connection. The GUI is very simple and provides all the essential functions to G-code programs which makes it suitable for newcomers and machining experts.

This software controls the movement in X, Y and Z directions. It is possible to map the keys for continuous or gradual motion. Furthermore, users have an option to manually adjust the spindle speed and feed rate as well as define cutting work and machine coordinates.


The program is written in highly optimized C++ code and utilizes the most innovative features of the Arduino microcontrollers, parts of which may be modeled in other specialized Windows applications like Multisim.

The software has a large user base and active online community that can help you learn the basics faster and answer common or specific operational questions.


  • free to download and use;
  • control the cnc-machine using numpad;
  • ability visualize G-code files;
  • can monitor cnc-machine state;
  • compatible with modern Windows versions;
  • multi-language support.
28,4 Mb (downloads: 13995)
  • javier
    26.09.2023 в 22:35

    me parece geniales las maqunas cnc

  • Deyvi Pastrana González
    27.08.2023 в 21:32

    This program is very useful for me.

  • Chung Jinwoo
    05.03.2023 в 04:40
    • yusuf bedir
      29.04.2023 в 15:16

      ıj4fopjsmpoijmstpo4ejmopjm4epıovm 5ıe4opq3jtmfqopı

  • val
    24.07.2022 в 05:45

    how to create candle short cut on my desktop

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