Autorun Virus Remover

Autorun Virus Remover

ver. 3.3
3,8 Mb (downloads: 7)

Using this lightweight utility, you can eliminate viruses located on portable storage devices. You also have the option to disable writing data to the USB stick.

Update date:
AutorunRemover, Inc.
Windows version:
Windows Vista

Autorun Virus Remover is a program for Windows that is capable of conducting scans for infections on local and removable drives. In contrast to Alfa Autorun Killer, it not only eliminates existing viruses but also offers protection for the aforementioned storage units.

Eliminate viruses

New users will be guided through the initial computer scanning process through a straightforward wizard, integrated into the utility. This ensures that both the PC and any connected portable drives are analyzed for potential infections from the start.

The graphical interface is simple and intuitive. Here you can either launch a scan, analyze running processes, configure settings, or fix specific system components. Repairable items include the task manager, registry editor, folder options, and EXE file associations.

Immunize storage devices

It is worth noting that the tool has a specialized feature for immunizing USB drives and local disks. All you need to do is choose the desired device and click the Apply button. There is also an instrument for unlocking flash drives.

Our testing steps proceeded without any complications, and we encountered no serious issues. It is recommended to run the software with administrative rights on all Windows versions starting from 7. This will make the app function as intended on modern OSs.


  • free to download and use;
  • compatible with modern Windows versions;
  • enables you to remove viruses from storage devices;
  • you can immunize both USB and local drives;
  • there is support for scanning registry items.
3,8 Mb (downloads: 7)
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