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Using this comprehensive tool, you can develop video games that rely on text. You also have the option to add images and sound files to enhance the experience.

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Windows XP

ADRIFT is a program for Windows which offers the opportunity to craft interactive stories through the creation of text based adventure games. This means players have to envision the unfolding narrative through written descriptions of each action.

Intuitive workspace

The graphical interface resembles that of an office suite application. It evokes a familiar and user friendly environment. This can be considered an advantage, as it saves times that would otherwise be spent on learning to navigate the available features.

The upper toolbar contains several tabs. The rest of the UI is divided into three closely related sections. A side panel works as a file explorer, while a central map showcases 3D views of the locations. The last section serves as a hub for managing all elements.

Comprehensive functionality

Exploring the software reveals an overwhelming array of options, leaving you unsure where to begin. The level of detail is impressive. You can link various elements such as objects, tasks, actions, characters, and more. Thus, it is possible to set them to depend on one another.

Images and audio files can heighten the overall visual and auditory experience. You have the option to test the story by saving it and launching it through a runner app. The access is provided via the developer window. To create homebrew Nintendo DS games, you may try a tool called DS Game Maker.


  • free to download and use;
  • compatible with modern Windows versions;
  • allows you to create text based video games;
  • you can incorporate both audio and image files;
  • it is possible to test the story from the app.
17,7 Mb (downloads: 2)
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